Kambu dosai


Kambu dosa are made with whole grains and are healthy, good in taste and texture.


  • Bajra (Kambu):1.1/2 Cups
  • Boiled rice (Pulungal Arisi): 1.1/2 Cups
  • Urad dhal (Vulundhu):      1 Cup
  • Fenugreek (Vendhayam): 2 tsp
  • Salt: 3 tsp


  1. Put Bajra, boiled rice, Urad dhal and fenugreek into a bowl, wash and soak for 4 -5 hrs.
  2. Take a mixer grinder and grind the soaked mixture to a smooth paste, use water as needed during the process, and once done pour into a bowl and add salt.
  3. Cover it and ferment it for 6-8 hours,
  4. Once fermented, mix the batter thoroughly, pour it in to hot tawa, drizzle oil, and roast it well,
  5. Serve it hot with any favorite chutney.

Prep Time - 45 mins

Cook Time - 5 mins

Credits - Mrs. Seetha Ganesh, Abu Dhabi

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