Ragi Dodol Sweet


Dodol is a sweet recipe made using Ragi.


  • 1 cup ragi seeds soaked for 5-6 hours
  • 2 full coconuts shredded
  • 500g jaggery shredded
  • Water (maximum 3 cups)
  • Crushed cardamom handful
  • Crushed nuts handful
  • Ghee or coconut oil as needed


1. Grind soaked ragi in grinder or mixie.
Tip! Initially, just sprinkle a bit of water. Do not pour a lot of water. 

2. Once the ragi is crushed, milk comes out of it.

3. Then add shredded coconut and grind.

4. After a while, add shredded jaggery also.

5. Grind everything together.
Tip! Add water as it all grinds. Maximum 3 cups only.

6. Strain the mixture, when its all ground and ready.

7. Add one more cup of water to the leftover and strain again.

8. Now, pour the mixture into a hard bottom kadai and keep stirring without stop.

9. After 15 minutes, add a spoon of ghee.

10. Keep stirring and stirring.

11. When it gets a bit hard, add some nuts and crushed cardamom.

12. Keep stirring and add a spoon of ghee or coconut oil in the middle.

13. After around 30-40 mins of stirring, you can see the mixture becomes dark and starts to look glossy.

14. Stir till the mass can be lifted nicely over to show some translucence (Halwa consistency).

15. Grease the mould/plate with ghee or coconut oil.

16. Pour it into the mould/plate and serve when cool.

Prep Time - 30 mins

Cook Time - 45 mins

Credits – Mr. K. Sathia, Hyderabad

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