Red Gram Split- Toor Dal

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Rs. 227.00

Best grade raw material processed in a hygienic way. Toor dal (dehulled split), rich in energy, a protein with high Folic acid content. Ideal for the preparation of tasty Sambar, Rasam and Curries.

We hold expertise in offering a large collection of Toor dal ( Split Red Gram), offered in split form for making it accurate for consumption purposes. Our organization takes special care of the product range during the packaging process so that no nutritional loss occurs while it is transported to the client's end.

Health Benefits:

Toor dal is an incredible source of proteins, carbs and dietary fibre needed for growth and development. Adding toor dal in your diet helps to meet your demands of iron and calcium while being a good source of folic acids promotes foetal growth and averts congenital birth defects of the foetus.

Pulses or legumes are an integral part of Indian cooking, which forms a key component of a wholesome meal plan. Dal the storehouse of good quality plant protein replete with a ton of health benefiting properties. One such dal that abounds with an extremely rich nutrient profile is toor dal or arhar dal.It is a staple food among several cultures and cuisines all through the length and breadth of India that also serves as a nutritious vegetarian meat alternative. Be it dal chawal or sambar sadam or rice with pappu, toor dal is the quintessential ingredient and undeniably the most relished culinary delight. Mainly for vegetarians’ toor dal is an incredible source of proteins, carbs and other vital nutrients needed for normal growth, development and tissue repair.


Nutrition Content:

Calories -343 kcal

Total Fat 1.5g

Total Carbohydrate 63g

Protein 22g

Sodium 17mg

Potassium 1392 mg

Calcium 0.13mg

Iron 28 %

Magnesium 45%

Vitamin B6 15%

The must-have dish in any South Indian meal sambar, is made with toor dal. It is filled up with nutrients such as a protein, potassium, iron, folic acid, magnesium and B vitamins. An excellent source of folic acid it is highly beneficial for pregnant women to preventing neural tube birth defects. 


Red Gram Split- Toor Dal
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