Traditional Kaatuyaanam - 500 Grams

Rs. 76.00
Rs. 76.00
1. Story/Overview

Kaatu yaanam is a traditional paddy variety that has long been used and has more medicinal properties than other traditional rice varieties. This variety of rice can be cultivated in any climate as it can survive driest conditions. It is an extremely tall variety.  The height of this variety can even hide wild elephants when they enter the farm and for this reason, it is called as “Kattu yaanam”

2. Health Benefits

1)Fight against may disease–  Kaatu yaanam rice helps to control diabetes. It has a very low glycemic index, when compared to other traditional rice. This rice is also helpful in arthritis. It is  also very good for heart health. This rice also protect vital body organs.

2)It is rich in minerals-This rice is very high in folic acid which helps to improve pelvic bone hence highly recommended for pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies can also consume this rice to induce normal delivery.

3) Good fibers-The fiber in brown rice means that the digestion time of this carbohydrate is slower than processed grains, including white rice. This means that there is a more controlled slower release of sugar into the bloodstream.


1.What is the best way to serve Kattuyanam Rice?

Before serving Kattuyanam Rice, mix some dry fruits like mango, cherry, papaya, jack-fruit, banana, etc., in this way, you can add some amount of sugar or honey to taste, as desired. Now add some salt and mix well. Add some pure water and stir it well before serving it on a plate.2.What is the best way to cook Kattuyanam Rice for Diabetic patients?

The best way to cook and serve this type of Rice is to soak it in water for 10 minutes and help with some gram flour or coarse salt. This rice dish can also be enjoyed with a glass of water. There are many diabetic recipes available in books and on the internet that you can follow to prepare delicious Kattuyanam Rice suitable for weight management and diabetic control. However, it is suggested that diabetic patients should not eat this Rice without any other sweetener such as honey or sugar.

4.Nutritional Content

189 calories
0,32 g of fat
42,55 g of carbohydrates
3,81 g of protein
0,7 mg of fiber
273 mg of sodium
102 mg of potassium
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6

 5. Product Details


Traditional Kaatuyaanam - 500 Grams
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