Cane Jaggery 500 Gram

Rs. 54.00
Rs. 54.00

Natural jaggery or unrefined cane sugar is rich in minerals naturally found in sugar cane. It also adds a beautiful flavour to anything that it sweetens.

Jaggery is made from sugar cane juice which is boiled into a concentrate. This is a much healthier alternative to white sugar for the following reasons. 

  • Jaggery is unrefined which means it has more nutrients (minerals) than white sugar 
  • Jaggery is traditionally used in Ayurveda for its health benefits 
  • Jagger is chemical-free as it's not refined using a chemical treatment 

Above all, it is super delicious compared to refined white sugar. 

  • mproves Digestion
  • Cleansing Agent
  • Prevents Constipation
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Boosts Immunity

Health Benefits

  • Cleanses the whole body. ...
  • Improves digestion. ...
  • Prevents anemia. ...
  • Improves immune function. ...
  • Aids glucose control and weight loss.


Calories: 100

·       Protein: around 1 gram or less

·       Fat: around 1 gram or less

·       Carbohydrates: around 26 grams

·       Fibre: around 1 gram or less

·       Sugar: around 24 grams

·       Calcium

·       Magnesium

·       Manganese

·       Potassium

·       Phosphorus

·       Iron

·       Zinc

·       Copper

·       Vitamin B (thiamin, riboflavin and niacin)

·       Plant protein

·       Phytochemicals

·       Antioxidants


 Premium Quality: With Delta Foods, you can rest assured, knowing that you are buying premium quality raw Indian Cane Jaggery  at an affordable price. Delta Foods guarantees that all their products are Gluten-free and fat-free with no added preservatives -being nothing but a healthy treat for the entire fam

Cane Jaggery 500 Gram
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