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Benefits Of  Gingelly Oil :
Gingelly oil, also known as sesame seed oil, is prized worldwide for its culinary and medicinal properties. Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, it reduces oxidative stress, fights inflammation, and supports cardiovascular health.

his fragrant oil is used for most cooking purposes other than deep frying. But because of its low smoke point and distinct fragrance, gingelly oil is not used to cook vegetables. Traditionally, pickles are steeped in gingelly oil to preserve them for months together.

If you're wanting the benefits of Sesame oil, but you plan on reaping those benefits through cooking, then using Gingelly Oil is going to be a much better match for you 

  • Gingelly oil is a great anti-inflammatory, which means it can help with things like joint problems and even toothache!
  • Gingelly oil contains Omega-6 fatty acids. These are a type of polyunsaturated fat, and they’re an essential part of your daily diet.  They can help with heart disease prevention, amongst other things.

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PRODUCT NAME: Gingelly oil 
DETAILS:  Gingelly oil 
INGREDIENTS: Gingelly oil 

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