Need of Agro-Processing Cluster in Cauvery Delta Region?

  • The Cauvery delta region contributes substantial portion of nation’s food grain requirement, spread over about 28 lakh acres produced 33 lakh metric tonnes of food grains
  • To create more employment in agriculture needs more focus value addition and industry development
  • Minimise wastage of agriculture and horticulture produce at various stages from production to marketing
Native Crops of Economic Significance
Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu
Traditional rice
Farmer centric
Huge scope for ‘coarse grains’ – Millets
Value addition
Nutritional security
Nutri – cereals
Climate smart crops – Drought resistant, lesser water requirement
Millets: Huge scope for ‘coarse grains’ millet processing of value added products.

Processing of Instant food

Ready to cook
Ready to eat
Aadhanakottai Cashew (native crop):
The important crop in this area providing tremendous scope for its processing.
Production of Aqua and Animal Feeds
• Waste management
• Effective microorganism
•  Nutrient cycling
Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables provide ample opportunity for successful transformation in agriculture cutting across the traditional boundaries of manufacturing and services. It illustrates the substantial scope for changes in agriculture to apply more sophisticated technologies to produce higher value crops.
The delta region produces a wide range of tropical and arid zone fruits and vegetables such as; Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, Guava, Papaya, Amla, Sapotta.  The exotic breeds of cashew, medicinal and aromatic crops rich in nutrition and functional ingredients are available in abundance which are grossly underutilized.
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